Cultivate More Meaningful Relationships with Customers and Your Team

Enjoy More Freedom with A Healthier Work Life Balance
Execute Strategies To Improve Culture & Inclusivity To Retain Top Talent
Become A Proficient Leader & Gain The Respect Of Your Team
Leverage New Technology to Make Growing Your Salon Faster & Easier
Plan For Profit & Sustainability -  Step In To Every Day
With A Plan For Success. 

We will meet you where you are,
and guide you to the top!

We are passionate about empowering others by passing on knowledge and wisdom that we ourselves have received, so that those we serve can dream as big as they dare, and live the life that they always wanted.
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"In the first year of having these systems, we doubled our service dollars and tripled our retail dollars."

Bryan Sullivan, Owner
Chemistry Hair Salon

Our Innovative
Systems Have Transformed Over 4,000 Salons And Counting

We invite you to join a community of thousands of success-driven salon owners to get the support, knowledge, and strategies to take your salon to the next level and live your best life!


Congratulations on your purchase of one of our top resources, the SUMMIT CAREER PATH PLANNER. This is more than your every-day planner, this is a deep dive into your dream and a guided journey to create a plan to make your dreams come true! 
Join Kristi Valenzuela as she takes you on tour of the multiple exercises, tracking, and how to use the Summit App and Magic Day Calculators to enhance your success.